Dommy Dean, is half Germany and half American and lives in Frankfurt/Germany,
his real name is Dominic Dean Jung and he was born 26. November 1989 in Frankfurt Germany.

With his unique Sound he amazes and entertains his audiences since he first hit the turntables in 2007.
His dedication for electronic music goes way out of the average. The listener gets enchanted, while then driven to ecstasy.
He defines his style as a mixture of Circuit House music for the younger generation.

Dommy Dean started his career in 2007 on the frankfurt club scene. During 2007-2009 he worked for German
biggest radio station for electronic dance music. After beeing discovered by alot of german promoters he tours all over
Germany. Finally some provocative festival performances in 2010 and 2011 capapulted him into a nice ranking
position in the German DJ scene.

In 2012 he promoted hisself all over europe and became some orders in the following countrys:
Switzerland, Austria, Belgum, Netherlands, Portuguese, Spain and Poland.

Later in 2015 he started a own club party which was called Superheroes. The party was alway succesful until the venue
had to closed in may 2017.
He also started a promote hisself in the United States and became a yearly resident job at the Cabaret in Pensacola Florida
and some single bookings at Miami Beach.

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